Oahu Hawaii is a tropical paradise…

A Tropical paradise with a coastline stretching nearly 112 miles, Oahu is arguably one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations. The Island gracefully merges the modern city life and laid back native Hawaiian lifestyles. Oahu is famous for its majestic mountain ranges shielding the glamorous sandy shorelines known to attract an upside of 9+ million tourists annually. Its perpetual tropical climate provides for year-round vacationing. Each visit to Oahu is a uniquely spectacular experience, thanks to the island’s diverse vacation amenities.

Waikiki’s Breathtaking Waves Oahu is everything you need especially after a period of hard work in the city. It is in the island’s beginner-friendly waves that I took my first surfing lessons –the same waves that fashioned the ‘father of modern surfing’ Duke Kahanamoku. Duke is one of Hawaii’s prominent figures, an Olympic champion credited for popularizing surfing as a sport. In honor of this great man, the state of Hawaii erected a 9 feet bronze statue at the famous Waikiki beach –a scene that reportedly attracts millions of visitors annually.

A Royalty Experience

Waikiki boasts a 2-miles spread of glamorous white sand and crystalline blue water that occasionally dribble gently onto the sand. It is here that you will find some of Oahu’s finest beaches explaining why this little stretch was the favorite hangout for Hawaiian royalty back in the day. The beach offers a panoramic view of the setting sun vanishing beyond the bushy mountain masses to usher in darkness. The elegant series of beach breaks are a major attraction for surfers, both beginners, and expert that don’t mind going up against the islands savage evening waves.

Even with the setting sun, Waikiki continues to buzz in activities. The neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife characterized by romantic dining under the moonlight and night surfing whenever the waves are friendly and the sky is clear. Its resorts operate 24/7 and accommodation is merely a step away from the shores.

Hiking Through The Historic Trails  

Indulging Oahu’s turquoise waters is barely half the Hawaiian experience. Besides presenting a spectacular view from whichever point on the island, Oahu’s mountainous terrain offers a remarkable hiking experience. The island has hundreds of trails leading to mountain tops and cliffs from where you can enjoy a sweeping view of the tropical paradise.

Among the popular trails attracting heavy daily traffic include the 4-mile Kuliouou Ridge trail rising above 1,700 feet, the steep rocky trail of Kaiwa Ridge, Maunawili Falls Trail among several others. Trekking to the peak of the historic Diamond Head Crater standing approximately 760 feet above the sea level is one remarkable experience you wouldn’t wanna miss. The top of the crater offers a scenic view of Waikiki’s beautiful coastline and the rest of Oahu.

Remember not to leave the island before feasting on an authentic traditional Hawaiian meal, perhaps kalua pork or Huli Huli chicken among several native Hawaiian cuisines.