Can you Qualify for a home in Hawaii for what you are paying in rent?

Hawaii has a FINITE amount of real estate and people all over the world want a piece of it

It’s easier to buy a house without being on the island than it is to find a rental 

Home Ownership in Hawaii

Build Your Wealth...

Hawaii Real Estate Market grows an average of 3-5% per year in appreciation 

Return On Investment...

If you plan on living here at least 3 years you WILL make money when you sell. 

Create a Legacy...

Every month you pay a mortgage is like putting it in the bank until the day you decide to sell when you get it back plus some. 

Investment Opportunity...

Use your home here in HI on a part time basis and rent it out easily when you’re not here. Let the home make money for you instead of you working to pay for the home. 

Visiting Hawaii is a life long dream for many,

Real Estate home ownership isn’t something most people can wrap their head around.

However it is something you can do! With the right professionals in your corner we can show you how it’s possible 

What our clients are saying:

She connected with us on a personal level...

Jodi is such amazing realtor and a wonderful person! She connected with us on a personal level and cares about us so much. She put lots of time and effort into getting us the home we wanted. We’re very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing realtor and finding a life long  friend in the process.

ADAM S. //  Hawaii Home Owner

She is a good person to have in your corner...

Ive worked with Jodi for many months and can sincerely recommend her highly. Jodi is professional, extremely diligent and resourceful. She responds immediately to all calls and requests. I have a very small budget but she managed to secure a very pretty 1 bedroom for me. The transactions was difficult but she hung in there and stayed the course. She is very thorough and gave me good advice on the legal documents. She is a good person to have in your corner

MARC J.  //  Hawaii Home Owner

Owning a home in Hawaii gives you control of

your payment for years...

Homeownership creates new opportunities: 

The freedom to create a space that is a reflection of you and helps support your goals for your family and finances.

The Average homeowner has a net worth

90% that of the average renter

  1. 1
    You don’t need as much “space” here as you do on the mainland so chances are you CAN afford to buy when you downsize your needs vs your wants
  2. 2
    Bring your pets to Hawaii with you when you own your home. When you rent your landlord determines if your pets can come or not 
  3. 3
    Owning a home in Hawaii gives you control of your payment for years Your rent tends to increase year over year while your mortgage stays the same

Jodi Mews  // Real Estate Broker

Licensed and selling real estate since 2009, Jodi Mews is a trusted and proven top-selling Realtor.  A high touch broker, she is known for her extensive market knowledge and dedication to her clients.  Jodi’s success is based almost exclusively on referrals.  Jodi earns the respect of her clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and always offering them candid advice.  Jodi utilizes the latest in technologies and is supported by a dedicated team of professionals who share her same attention to detail and passion for perfection.  Most important to Jodi is providing the highest level of service to her buyers and sellers in order to earn their trust, referrals, repeat business, and friendship.

When not selling real estate you can find Jodi coaching and developing other agents in the real estate business, spending time with her friends and family, or lacing up her favorite running shoes and training for the next marathon!

Jodi Mews

What our clients are saying:

She jumped through so many hoops for us...

Thanks to Jodi, my wife and I were finally able to fulfill a dream of buying a house in Makakilo shortly after retiring from the Army. Jodi went way above and beyond what was expected or required to help us accomplish our dream. She made the process easy despite constrained timelines, constant obstacles and a family emergency suffered by the seller keeping them on the east coast of the mainland. I know for sure that if Jodi wasn’t our agent, we wouldn’t have been able to get the house. She jumped through so many hoops for us, I could never thank her enough.

ERIK //  Hawaii Home Owner

She also put me in touch with a mortgage broker...

Jodi helped me buy a condo as an investment. I wasn't sure what I wanted, just the amount of down payment I had. She helped me narrow my price range and the areas to look, then helped me go check places out She was very patient as we looked at a lot of units as i learned the market. She also put me in touch with a mortgage broker who was also very helpful. Then when i found a place I liked, she took care of all the paperwork and made sure everything was in place to complete the sale. She was a easy to work with and very thorough. i definitely would recommend her to anyone needing an agent. i will also hire her for my next purchase

MILTON K.  //  Hawaii Home Owner